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Links and Leads

Links and Leads points you to web sites that can help you develop better training courses and technical writing expertise. We'd be happy to add your personal favorites. 


Training Development

The Learning Communities Tools and Links page at the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) site appears to be of most help if you are in the content development step of development or are delivering training. 

Multimedia Development Tools is a Georgia Tech University web site. It has free checklists and ideas for analysis, design, management, production, and evaluation tasks. The ASTD web site also provided a link to it.

Content development often begins with a Word document. This link is a repository for FAQs, tutorials, and examples about Microsoft Word, maintained by Microsoft Word MVPs. For detailed queries on how to use Word, subscribe to the Word-PC list - mailto: word-pc-subscribe-request@liverpool.ac.uk to join (no subject or command text required). Archives to Word-PC list.

TechSmith's SnagIt and Camtasia software enable you to capture and edit anything you see on your PC screen, add narration, and present it using industry standard AVI and streaming media formats. Free trial versions.

Training Delivery

Training Basics page at the American Society of Training and Development site has links for trainers.


Web-Based Training


Web-Based Training Information Center, also includes distance and online learning information.

Learning Circuits, a public online magazine published by ASTD that covers e-learning topics. 

Training 2000 Buyer's Guide: The Directory of Computer Training and Support Products and Services is published by Inside Technology Training



Blackboard.com is a self-described end-to-end e-learning platform that includes course administration features. You can create an online course using their software, without a fee.

Course development software that readers have recommended include: Macromedia's Authorware, (see the Aware listserve for Authorware users), and Click2Learn's Toolbook II. View a list of other vendors on the Multimedia Authoring Tools page of the Computer-Based Teaching and Learning Links site.


Scripts for Tests, Quizzes, Games

Hotscripts: This is the one I would focus on first because it has 27 test and quiz options, the descriptions offer the kind of information that will help you make a decision about viewing an option, and there is a nice range of software features.

Perlmasters has three pages of quizzes. 

Surfzilla has three choices I would bother to explore, but a large selection of other useful scripts that can be used on your online training site.

Extropia has open source scripts. See Website tools section for a quiz and an exam.

The PERL Archive: Tests and Quizzes. 

Quick Quiz, for UNIX and Windows NT users is a free Perl script that runs on UNIX or Windows NT that can be used as a Quiz or Survey Tool. As a survey tool, you can run a multiple-choice questionnaire and collect all the data in a tab-delimited ASCII file. As a quiz tool you can return the score, show the average, the percentile, the grade, display the answers, e-mail the results and track the top scorers.

Matt's Script Archive is a good source if you are building a web site and want to save on the cost of coding features for marketing, sales, and other business application features.


Professional Organizations, Conferences

Society for Technical Communication, national conference May 18-21, 2003, Dallas, Texas

American Society of Training and Development, national conference May 16-22, 2003, San Diego, California

International Society for Performance Improvement, national conference April 10-15, 2003, Boston, Massachusetts

IEEE Professional Communication Conference, September 21-24, 2003, Orlando, Florida


Professional Resources Web Sites, Lists

The Official TECHWR-L , an online publication that supports the TECHWR-L discussion list and the technical communication community

HTML Writers Guild

Word-PC list - mailto: word-pc-subscribe-request@liverpool.ac.uk to join (no subject or command text required). Archives to Word-PC list.

FrameMaker forum and the FrameMaker list   

Use  HTML Help to create help on the web. MS HTML Help is a compiled Help format. You need to download the file
to view it. 

The training and development list on Yahoo discusses web-based training, design, and methodology. Sign up at this link.


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