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Training Design

Instructional design and development (IDD) model. An overview of the systematic eight-step approach to training design and development. IDDModel, zipped pdf file (11KB)


Repurpose Documentation

Adding Training Components to Documentation. The goal of adding training components to documentation is to leverage the effectiveness of documentation for users without channeling time and effort into a separate training project. This abstract summarizes techniques for adding assessments, objectives, tests, quizzes, drills, checklists, and job aids to documentation. It introduces how to use existing templates and scripts to add e-learning functionality to training components. TrngComp - presentation abstract, zipped pdf file (36KB)


Interpersonal Skills

Influencing with Integrity. Influential people get things done through other people. They are able to persuade, reduce resistance, and negotiate successfully. The mechanics of influence includes cooperation, not force. Learn what influencing skills are and a seven-step process for reducing resistance to your ideas and influencing others. Discover how to recognize games people play at work that undermine your influence, and how to redirect them so that you can achieve your outcome with your integrity intact.   Influencing reflects the importance of having people skills in your tool kit. People skills are an integral part of getting business done. The content of this program applies concepts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

InfIntPr - slide presentation, zipped pdf file (43KB) InfIntGd - presentation guide, zipped pdf file (52KB)


Influencing with Integrity job aid. Tips to remember, in a carry-with-you format. InfIntJA - two-up, zipped pdf file (24KB)

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